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essentials of preaching – john tucker


  In my role teaching preaching at Carey I often find myself discussing questions like: What are the essential ingredients of effective preaching? What are the fundamental qualities of a good preacher? I had the opportunity a while back to discuss these questions with a dozen or so committed and effective preachers – the Carey […]

adding and subtracting from a preaching plan? – robyn mellar-smith


After five years as the main preacher in a church community, it was interesting recently to go back over those five years and map the different genres of Scripture I had preached from. I read this idea in “One Year to Better Preaching: 52 Exercises to Hone Your Skills” by Daniel Overdorf. In Week Two, […]

the right question? – travis black


  My office gets way too crowded when I write a sermon… I’ve done the study of a text and begin to craft the rough draft of a sermon, when I get the first knock. First, it is my former professor of exegesis. He exclaims, “Have you made sure you have really listened to the […]

preaching and praying in poetry and prose – andrew butcher


I like using other people’s words when I preach. I don’t mean that I plagiarise sermons from (if there is such a site!). Rather, I find the poems of Joy Cowley or James K. Baxter or the prayers of Karl Barth or John Calvin to be a wonderful addition to what Scripture says and […]

crazy busy – stu crossan


The first book that I read in 2014 was “Finding Sanctuary” written by a Benedictine Abbot (an Aussie in England) called Christopher Jamison that explores the growing clamour in Western society to find some form of quiet space in this age of hyper connectivity and information overload. The second book I have just begun is […]

vision – simon mcleay


It’s the start of the year!  I’ve come back from holiday, I’ve looked at my schedule, and I’ve got down “Vision Sunday”.  Oh what have I done to myself!  Why couldn’t I have just started with 6 weeks on the Sermon on the Mount, or that series on Ezekiel I’ve got planned for later in […]

adding to or subtracting from the gospel through our stories – lynne baab


Sociologist Nancy Ammerman did some interesting research recently, recounted in her 2013 book Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes. She found that the people who demonstrate the greatest commitment to their faith or religion are the people who talk easily and frequently about the overlap between their faith/religion and their daily life. Ammerman has seen evidence that […]

the tag team: preaching with an interpreter – george wieland

language translator1

Scotland, land of my birth, is out of the top ten! The 2013 census reveals that more NZ residents were born in South Korea than in Scotland, whose former number 9 place is now held by the Philippines. These all sit below Samoa, Fiji, South Africa, Australia, India, China and England. This diversity brings a […]

on preaching the lectionary text – kevin ward


Most of my Christian life and ministry has been spent in the evangelical free church tradition. In that tradition my approach to preaching was expository, working through whole books of the bible. When I moved to the Presbyterian Church and began to teach at Knox College I encountered a whole new world for me, that […]

preaching theologically – mark keown


We live a context in which Christians are biblically and theologically challenged. There are a range of reasons for this including anti-intellectualism, theology having a bad name, people living of scraps from the internet, preaching that does not challenge, poorly theologically equipped popular preachers, and more. One of the critical needs of our age is […]