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great joy – andrew picard

Luke tells us that the story of Christmas is one of great joy (Lk. 2:8-14) – good news of great joy for all people. And yet it is not the kind of joy, nor the kind of good news, that I would anticipate. I have slowly made my peace with the kind of God that […]

the information age – andrew butcher

How much of what we preach should we be informing people? How much should we be inspiring them? How much comfort should we offer? How often should we challenge? Increasingly I am of the view that information is a good place to start. There will be some in the congregation who imbibed Scripture and the […]

philippians 4 & preaching for an audience including youth & young adults – lynne baab

In my years as an associate minister in Seattle, and in the past seven years preaching several times a year in the congregation I attend in Dunedin, I’ve had parents tell me quite a few times that their children like my sermons. In a couple of cases, the children were late primary school and intermediate […]

preaching when you know it’ll hurt – andy shudall

What to do when the text before you will wound the people who will sit and stand to listen to you? You know it will provoke pain in those of tender consciences. You are sure it will touch the raw nerves of the recently grieved and provoke the ire in the permafrost of resentment that […]

preaching to non-christians – reuben munn

I’m currently writing a series of talks for a course our church is running called The Story of God. It’s designed for non-Christians as an introduction to the Christian worldview, journeying through the biblical story over five sessions. I’m enjoying the challenge of preparing messages especially for a non-Christian audience, which is not something I […]

fun – jeremy selfe

  How many sermons have you listened to in your lifetime? When you actually think about this question it is quite scary how quickly the number can begin to rise. This makes the next question a bit daunting. How many of the sermons that you have listened to can you remember? Is it just me […]

apologetic preaching – jonathan robinson

In the preacher’s task of equipping the church and helping it grow towards maturity in Christ one of the things we must not neglect is the work of apology – defending the faith. Two scriptures clearly instruct the church to be prepared to respond to any question or opportunity to share the gospel with unbelievers […]

adding and subtracting from a preaching plan? – robyn mellar-smith

After five years as the main preacher in a church community, it was interesting recently to go back over those five years and map the different genres of Scripture I had preached from. I read this idea in “One Year to Better Preaching: 52 Exercises to Hone Your Skills” by Daniel Overdorf. In Week Two, […]

the right question? – travis black

  My office gets way too crowded when I write a sermon… I’ve done the study of a text and begin to craft the rough draft of a sermon, when I get the first knock. First, it is my former professor of exegesis. He exclaims, “Have you made sure you have really listened to the […]

vision – simon mcleay

It’s the start of the year!  I’ve come back from holiday, I’ve looked at my schedule, and I’ve got down “Vision Sunday”.  Oh what have I done to myself!  Why couldn’t I have just started with 6 weeks on the Sermon on the Mount, or that series on Ezekiel I’ve got planned for later in […]