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the end of the world – simon mcleay

We just did a series on the End of the World.  I was afraid to touch this topic and there are some interesting ideas out there.  I was also aware that I will never have read enough to feel ready to preach on this, but we decided to give it a go.  Our Youth pastor […]

why preach the gospel in every sermon? – andrew lim

The Gospel of Jesus is both the ground and resource for life and meaning. I’ve discovered that I will never preach a theological truth that is more profound than the gospel. Preaching Gospel-centred sermons does not mean preaching an evangelistic Gospel message each week concluding with an altar call; nor does it mean hastily pegging […]

the challenges of preaching narrative – sarah harris

I became fascinated at the way narrative was constructed sitting in my fifth and sixth form English classes; I had teachers who were outstanding. I still remember the excitement of tracing the motifs of light and dark – day and night – in William Goldings, Lord of the Flies, for myself. I started to appreciate […]

what’s your one sermon – rhett snell

I’d been an associate pastor for nearly 5 years, and I was on the cusp of heading off to be the sole pastor of a church. The thing I was most excited about was getting to preach more regularly, to finally be let loose to plan out a preaching year myself. Just before I left, […]

should we be using greek and hebrew in our sermons? – jonathan robinson

Teacher of preaching Paul Windsor, founder of this blog, is remembered by many of his students as opining, “Your knowledge of Hebrew and Greek should be like your underwear, important for support but shouldn’t be shown off in public!” It is a pithy adage and I think an important warning to two types of preachers, […]

what i learned from preaching on job – andrew lim

Expounding Job is admittedly intimidating. The book defies easy understanding. The author utilises a spectrum of literary genres, similes and metaphors. The book contains such philosophical and theological perplexities as human suffering and the apparent malevolent ways of a benevolent God. Further, interpreting the many speeches of Job’s friends demands that the preacher sniff out […]

engaging the text in preaching – mark keown

In my experience in the church and with fresh students to Laidlaw College, in the main, Christians today are not engaging sufficiently with the text of Scripture. So, I consider one of my primary tasks as a preacher today is to get them to do so; at least for the 20-30 minutes I have opportunity […]

driven, focused and centred – reuben munn

This year has solidified for me three simple but central convictions about preaching. I’ve carried these convictions around for a while, and they have been said many times by many people, but they have become more clearly and firmly pressed on my heart in the course of preaching through Exodus this year. For me, good […]

(h)anna the faithful prophetess – sarah harris

Lately I’ve been considering the story of (H)Anna (Luke 2:36-38). Hannah is one of the first eschatological prophetesses of which Joel prophesied and who prefigures the disciples who will witness to Jesus after the resurrection. She is an intriguing woman; lived seven years as a married woman (literally, after her virginity) and a staggering eighty-four […]

is it wrong to preach on tithing? – jonathan robinson

In my experience and discussion with other pastors in Auckland there are two types of churches in the city, those who treat tithing in a legalistic or pagan (read, prosperity gospel) way and those who avoid the subject for fear of being associated with the first kind. Especially among some ethnic minority churches, but also […]