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can every preacher preach every passage? – sarah harris

I am currently writing an article on the bleeding women story from Luke’s Gospel and it has got me thinking about whether a man can really preach this passage and do the story justice. In the last two years I have lived the story of the bleeding woman – woman can probably imagine what that […]

the wonderful world of logos – mark keown

I am not a salesman for Logos Software, but it has changed my life. You see, I am a bibliophiliac, I am in love with the Bible. I am a lecturer in New Testament (NT) because of this. When I became a disciple of Jesus at age 24, inspired by Open Air Campaign (OAC) evangelists […]

preaching Jesus in every sermon – andy shudall

How do I preach Jesus from this passage? How can I bring Him clearly into it without forcing Him in? Must I always get to Jesus? In talking through and training others in preaching from the Old Testament these are the questions most often posed. The starting point is wrong. The foundational assumptions underlying such […]

text and table together – reuben munn

I want to pick up on a comment made by Roger Driver-Burgess in response to John Tucker’s blog post, Highways to Christ. In his comment, Roger mentioned that Christocentric preaching has been made easier in his church by the weekly observance of communion, usually after the sermon. In his words, “Every week I need to […]

highways to christ – john tucker

Charles Spurgeon, the famous nineteenth century preacher, once told a story about a young pastor who asked an older seasoned minister to listen to him preach and give him some feedback. The old pastor listened to the young man’s impassioned sermon and made the comment. “It was disappointing.” “Why?” the young preacher asked. “Because,” said […]

a diet of preaching – simon mcleay

I’ve just finished preaching through Ezekiel, what a fascinating book to take a journey through. We did it in six weeks, so honestly it was a once over lightly. However, how many preachers would tackle this book today? I suspect that many of us avoid these great tomes because they just seem too difficult to […]

adding and subtracting from a preaching plan? – robyn mellar-smith

After five years as the main preacher in a church community, it was interesting recently to go back over those five years and map the different genres of Scripture I had preached from. I read this idea in “One Year to Better Preaching: 52 Exercises to Hone Your Skills” by Daniel Overdorf. In Week Two, […]

preaching and praying in poetry and prose – andrew butcher

I like using other people’s words when I preach. I don’t mean that I plagiarise sermons from (if there is such a site!). Rather, I find the poems of Joy Cowley or James K. Baxter or the prayers of Karl Barth or John Calvin to be a wonderful addition to what Scripture says and […]

on preaching the lectionary text – kevin ward

Most of my Christian life and ministry has been spent in the evangelical free church tradition. In that tradition my approach to preaching was expository, working through whole books of the bible. When I moved to the Presbyterian Church and began to teach at Knox College I encountered a whole new world for me, that […]

when it’s never enough – robyn mellar-smith

As the main preacher of a church community, one of my favourite things to do is to preach through a book of the Bible. You never know what is going to come up and I think that working through a whole book is the “steak” of the preaching year, particularly for those members of the […]