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facebook – jeremy selfe

Over the years preaching has been defined in different ways from the proclamation of religious or moral truths through speech, writing or through the way we live our lives. Whether preaching takes the form of speech, word, or actions, it has been proclaimed into different social communities throughout the centuries. However, there is one community […]

every preacher should be on twitter – steve worsley

We happen to have a radio announcer in our congregation – Kath Bier, who is one of the two hosts on The Breeze. Discussions with Kath reveal reasonable crossover between the role of a radio host and that of a preacher: Both of us want to be in tune with the issues affecting people in […]

great joy – andrew picard

Luke tells us that the story of Christmas is one of great joy (Lk. 2:8-14) – good news of great joy for all people. And yet it is not the kind of joy, nor the kind of good news, that I would anticipate. I have slowly made my peace with the kind of God that […]

the information age – andrew butcher

How much of what we preach should we be informing people? How much should we be inspiring them? How much comfort should we offer? How often should we challenge? Increasingly I am of the view that information is a good place to start. There will be some in the congregation who imbibed Scripture and the […]

waiting well: a spiritual discipline – rod thompson

Learning to wait and learning to wait well is a spiritual discipline. It is also something that is radically counter-cultural in our current times and places. Someone has said that a key word in current society is “dissatisfied”. We are encouraged, hundreds of times every day, to want more and more and more; and not […]

preaching the cosmic scope of what god is up to – mark keown

Emma and I had a fascinating discussion this morning at breakfast here at Westminster College in Cambridge. The conversation partners were a delightful Sydney scientist couple visiting their daughter studying in Cambridge. As we talked he was intrigued by my NT scholarship sharing that he too is an academic working in the area of environmental […]

will she be right? – andrew picard

Kiwis are renowned, at least within NZ, for their ingenuity that “makes do” with number eight fencing wire (and a few people rattling their dags) to solve a dizzying array of problems. We are proud of our resourcefulness and enjoy declaring that, “she’ll be right,” when we have jimmied up a solution to what seemed […]

called to preach: but only in the safe confines of a church? – steve worsley

How can we describe the calling to preach?  Is it that we sense God at work while we’re preaching?  Or that we enjoy sermon preparation as much as delivery?  Is it the God given ability to make Scripture understandable to today’s listeners?  Or better still, to apply it in such a way that gets behind people’s defences?  […]

preaching to non-christians – reuben munn

I’m currently writing a series of talks for a course our church is running called The Story of God. It’s designed for non-Christians as an introduction to the Christian worldview, journeying through the biblical story over five sessions. I’m enjoying the challenge of preparing messages especially for a non-Christian audience, which is not something I […]

apologetic preaching – jonathan robinson

In the preacher’s task of equipping the church and helping it grow towards maturity in Christ one of the things we must not neglect is the work of apology – defending the faith. Two scriptures clearly instruct the church to be prepared to respond to any question or opportunity to share the gospel with unbelievers […]