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kiwi-made preaching is an initiative of Langham Partnership New Zealand and aims at fostering an indigenous community of biblical preachers in New Zealand – and resourcing them for that task.

But wait – there’s more!

Something similar is happening elsewhere in the world through Langham Preaching. Paul Windsor, who has guided the kiwi-made preaching initiative through these early months, is the Associate Director (Langham Preaching) – with responsibility for Asia and the Pacific. In his first year Paul has visited Pakistan, North India, Sri Lanka, Northeast India, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu – each of which is at various stages in the development of an indigenous movement of biblical preaching. Other countries are waiting in the queue!

If you are committed to global mission and to biblical preaching and you delight in the thought of these countries receiving Paul’s assistance, why not consider supporting him in this strategic ministry? Read some of the “langham at-large” posts on this site – particularly the April 2010 one – and gain a greater sense of what the work involves.

Even though Paul is an international staff member, LPNZ has the goal of meeting the total costs of his ministry from money raised in New Zealand – and while resident in New Zealand Paul will continue to give his energy to kiwi-made preaching as well.

a) If you would like to join the team supporting Paul Windsor’s work

The LPNZ bank details are: ANZ 01 – 0202 – 0075596 – 00

All gifts towards Paul’s support qualify for a NZ tax credit.  Make your own personal details clear in the transaction and follow up with an email to to receive Paul’s quarterly newsletters.

b) If you would like to contribute towards a Langham Preaching project in one of these countries

The LPNZ bank details are: ANZ 01 – 0202 – 0075596 – 02

Many thanks

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