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why I don’t do (much) application – jonathan robinson

The post is a response to Steve Worsley’s post last month. Steve’s post made me feel a bit defensive (I don’t know Steve personally so assume he wasn’t aiming it at me) but I am very lazy when it comes to application and so I thought I would take Steve’s provocation to explain why. I deliberately take a […]

the ‘first fifteen’ puts the emphasis at the wrong end of the sermon – steve worsley

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m passionate about expository preaching, and I can think of no bad thing to say about my preaching mentor, Paul Windsor, who created the ‘First Fifteen’. For any who don’t know, the First Fifteen are fifteen questions you can ask of a passage of Scripture to help you unpack its meaning […]

paul davison: applications – faithful, focused and fresh?

I know I haven’t worked hard enough on my passage/sermon when the applications I want to make are: “Read your Bible, pray more, go to church and give money”. It seems that these actions can often be the practical implication of nearly any and every passage in the Bible. Or can they?

reuben munn: tempted to moralise

One of the challenges in preaching I’ve been wrestling with over the last year or so is how to prevent my sermons drifting toward moralism. Last year I preached through the book of Joshua and the year before that, Mark. In both cases I was struck by how tempting it was to allow the text […]