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Biblical theology

lest we forget – reuben munn

I’m writing this around the time of Anzac Day, an important day on our national calendar for remembering those in New Zealand and Australia who have been killed in war, particularly the Gallipoli campaign. Through dawn services, tributes and personal reflections on this day, we honour the fallen, we keep their memory alive, and we […]

“play it again sam” – robyn mellar-smith

In December I am finishing up as the main preacher for a church community so that I can go back to study full-time for the next two years. As I reflected on what might be important to preach in the next 3 months, I was drawn to re-look at a series I preached in my […]

highways to christ – john tucker

Charles Spurgeon, the famous nineteenth century preacher, once told a story about a young pastor who asked an older seasoned minister to listen to him preach and give him some feedback. The old pastor listened to the young man’s impassioned sermon and made the comment. “It was disappointing.” “Why?” the young preacher asked. “Because,” said […]