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great joy – andrew picard

Luke tells us that the story of Christmas is one of great joy (Lk. 2:8-14) – good news of great joy for all people. And yet it is not the kind of joy, nor the kind of good news, that I would anticipate. I have slowly made my peace with the kind of God that […]

a new advent? – brett jones

Our church community pays some attention to a few seasons within the traditional liturgical calendar.  We’ve done Lent for many years and tend to do Epiphany as well with a New Year’s twist – a sort of mash up of religious and cultural “festivals”.  Oh and then there’s Easter and Christmas the high point for […]

easter is easy but what do you preach at christmas? – steve worsley

I’ve found it useful to do a fun event in winter to perk people up, so when my new worship leader suggested we do a Mid Winter Christmas service I was immediately on board.  I’d been to mid winter Christmas dinners before but hadn’t heard of a mid winter Christmas service.  Beyond its practical benefits, […]

nigel pollock: preaching christmas

A couple of years ago I was at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park in London shortly before Christmas. I stopped to listen to a guy beside a placard, which said, ‘Put Christ back in Christmas’. Walking on 50 metres I came across another individual wearing a sandwich board which proclaimed, ‘Take Christ out of Christmas, […]