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every preacher should be on twitter – steve worsley

We happen to have a radio announcer in our congregation – Kath Bier, who is one of the two hosts on The Breeze. Discussions with Kath reveal reasonable crossover between the role of a radio host and that of a preacher: Both of us want to be in tune with the issues affecting people in […]

the information age – andrew butcher

How much of what we preach should we be informing people? How much should we be inspiring them? How much comfort should we offer? How often should we challenge? Increasingly I am of the view that information is a good place to start. There will be some in the congregation who imbibed Scripture and the […]

apologetic preaching – jonathan robinson

In the preacher’s task of equipping the church and helping it grow towards maturity in Christ one of the things we must not neglect is the work of apology – defending the faith. Two scriptures clearly instruct the church to be prepared to respond to any question or opportunity to share the gospel with unbelievers […]

the right question? – travis black

  My office gets way too crowded when I write a sermon… I’ve done the study of a text and begin to craft the rough draft of a sermon, when I get the first knock. First, it is my former professor of exegesis. He exclaims, “Have you made sure you have really listened to the […]

crazy busy – stu crossan

The first book that I read in 2014 was “Finding Sanctuary” written by a Benedictine Abbot (an Aussie in England) called Christopher Jamison that explores the growing clamour in Western society to find some form of quiet space in this age of hyper connectivity and information overload. The second book I have just begun is […]

the tag team: preaching with an interpreter – george wieland

Scotland, land of my birth, is out of the top ten! The 2013 census reveals that more NZ residents were born in South Korea than in Scotland, whose former number 9 place is now held by the Philippines. These all sit below Samoa, Fiji, South Africa, Australia, India, China and England. This diversity brings a […]

a new advent? – brett jones

Our church community pays some attention to a few seasons within the traditional liturgical calendar.  We’ve done Lent for many years and tend to do Epiphany as well with a New Year’s twist – a sort of mash up of religious and cultural “festivals”.  Oh and then there’s Easter and Christmas the high point for […]

the riches of te reo – val goold

He mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. I am on a journey of learning the wonder-full Te Reo Maori (Maori language).  The more I learn the more I appreciate how it can enrich my understanding of this land, this community in Aotearoa, the depth of communication, and most of all God Himself.  I am discovering […]

tim harris – preaching and a counter-cultural worldview

‘Worldview’ seems to be the buzzword of our times, but it brings a helpful focus to the task of preaching. The notion of worldview orientates around perceptions of our world, both as we experience it and as we identify order within it. It is hard to identify our own worldview because we absorb so much […]

andrew picard – the royal wedding: colliding worlds

Like most people on Facebook, I have many worlds colliding. I have friends from different circles of my life all in one space. I have friends who I have made since I’ve come to Christian faith and I have friends from before I came to Christian faith. I was interested to find out what people […]