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the tag team: preaching with an interpreter – george wieland

Scotland, land of my birth, is out of the top ten! The 2013 census reveals that more NZ residents were born in South Korea than in Scotland, whose former number 9 place is now held by the Philippines. These all sit below Samoa, Fiji, South Africa, Australia, India, China and England. This diversity brings a […]

preach from the heart – simon mcleay

“Preach from the heart”, these are the words that keep coming back to me as I think about preaching today.  I could talk about technique, I also go back and forward between preaching from a script to preaching form just a series of topics.  I sometimes spend hours over the PowerPoint and sometimes just pop […]

doubly transparent: convictions about the character of preaching – brett jones

In my early reading on preaching, I became aware of a tension around the degree of personal transparency that a preacher should adopt.  Simply put, the “for” view was premised on the idea that a preacher needed to be accessible to the hearer and the hearers’ world.  A real live person in the pulpit was […]

preaching with or without notes – andrew picard

“You can break the rules when the rules have broken you.” This was Paul Windsor’s sage advice when he taught me how to preach. One of the rules was that you need to write full notes for your sermon. It was very good advice when I was learning to preach and it no doubt saved […]

sean du toit: do you mean it?

Over the years I’ve heard hundreds of sermons – some good, some not so good, and some even on their way to becoming great. But the one thing which distresses me is listening to a ‘gutless’ sermon.  What do I mean? A ‘gutless’ sermon is one that is calculated in every turn, precise in every detail, […]