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encouragement, sincerity and love – jonathan robinson

One of the criticisms I sometimes received during my last stint as a pastor, was that I wasn’t encouraging enough. Ouch! I certainly wanted to be an encourager. I thought I was. I tried to be, but from time to time the criticism came up This criticism often went alongside the more positive observation that […]

paul davison – the encouragement of old sermons

Back in May, John Tucker talked about sub-Christian Sermons. This was his opening shot: Do you ever go to your sermon file looking for an old message to rework and preach again?  My experience is that it can be a little depressing.  Invariably, I come across some old manuscript and think to myself, ‘Did I […]

greg liston – the view from the pew

It’s been about 6 months now since I stepped down from being the Senior Pastor at HBC. Six months of listening to sermons instead of preaching them. The view from the pew is not like the view from the pulpit – you see things differently from down here. And this different perspective has made me […]