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george wieland

george wieland – what do they hear when you don’t say anything?

As I understand and try to practice it, preaching the Bible involves trying to hear from God through scripture for others, and to communicate to those others what I believe I am hearing. It is part of my responsibility to try to know and understand as far as is possible the people to whom I […]

george wieland – “who’s getting their ass to church on Sunday?”

What follows is a Facebook conversation between a group of young adults in NZ, Friday 11 March 2011, while watching TV coverage of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami (names changed, but their comments remain). Amy All these natural disasters lately are scaring me and making me feel uneasy! Ben the world’s coming to an end! […]

george wieland: how does a preacher pray

There are times in the course of preparing a sermon or shortly before preaching when I find it hard gather my thoughts to pray. Ideas are buzzing, anxieties are clamoring for attention and my head’s like a Kolkata roundabout. At such times I’m grateful that Jesus’ first set of inadequate servants asked him to teach […]

george wieland: listening and speaking

I like to be well prepared before I preach, to have arrived at a clear grasp of the message I hope to communicate, to have dealt in my own mind with Biblical, theological and practical issues, to have crystallised key ideas in effective phrases or headings. This diminishes the anxiety that I feel as I […]