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fun – jeremy selfe

  How many sermons have you listened to in your lifetime? When you actually think about this question it is quite scary how quickly the number can begin to rise. This makes the next question a bit daunting. How many of the sermons that you have listened to can you remember? Is it just me […]

rod thompson: the humour of a tumour?

1 Samuel 5 is meant to be funny – at least some of the time.   Quietly lying in the ark-box, Yahweh is seemingly sleeping (or dead). Israel is seriously questioning. And Philistine warriors and children are scratching, covered as they are in scabby “tumors” (the root word is “to swell”.) Perhaps these are anal […]

geoff new: a funny thing happened on the way to the pulpit

What’s the funniest sermon you’ve heard? Who’s the funniest preacher you know? What’s the funniest thing you’ve said in a sermon? As far as sermons and humour go, I suggest there are four main types of “funnies” which emerge.