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myk habets

myk habets – peculiar preaching

We hear so often today in diverse ways and places, that preaching needs to be ‘seeker sensitive’, that the language and the concepts used in our sermons have to be accessible to the unchurched in such a way that they will immediately comprehend the content and be gripped by the message. If we don’t do […]

myk habets: sharing the yoke

Preaching is so often a lonely and solitary affair is it not? We spend hours in our studies pouring over the Word, working through commentaries, looking at our Logos software (but not listening to the online sermons of the text of course!), and praying over the text as we complete our ‘First Fifteen,’ or try […]

myk habets: is it all about jesus?

I learnt explicitly at a very early age in Sunday School that Jesus loves me and that he was the answer to everything: every sorry, every question, every prayer, and every problem was answered in Jesus Christ. That is why we pray to him, sing to him, worship him, learn about him, and live for […]

myk habets: preaching the husk, discarding the kernel

We are all familiar, no doubt, with the well worn adage that there are ‘many sermons in search of a text’. This expresses the idea that many sermons are well constructed, have well chosen illustrations, apt applications, and well crafted affective impact – but they lack any explicit exposition of a biblical text. It is […]