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nigel pollock – what about him?

I recently reread John 21 where Jesus is reinstating Peter by the lakeside. It is a terrific passage and I’m sure one that you are familiar with and have probably preached on a number of times. I’m always moved and challenged by the way Jesus deals with Peter, reminding him of his call, feeding him […]

nigel pollock: preaching christmas

A couple of years ago I was at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park in London shortly before Christmas. I stopped to listen to a guy beside a placard, which said, ‘Put Christ back in Christmas’. Walking on 50 metres I came across another individual wearing a sandwich board which proclaimed, ‘Take Christ out of Christmas, […]

nigel pollock: sated area

In London last year I saw a miss-spelled sign outside a restaurant which I rather liked. The sign writer had missed out an “e” so instead of “seated area downstairs” it read “sated area downstairs”. [NB: according to the dictionary, ‘to sate’ is to feed to the full]. The idea that there is an area […]