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custodians of the word: kaitiaki and kupu – viv coleman

(This first appeared on Viv’s blog in early March 2017) The summer holidays are a chance to worship away from home and experience a different congregational culture and worship style. This year the services we attended offered a smorgasbord of worship and preaching, and the chance to meet some genuine and friendly people. But the […]

plan to be spontaneous? – jonathan robinson

I have always had a preaching plan. In theory I have also always had the flexibility to be flexible about the plan if something comes up or the Lord leads me differently. I plan the next year’s preaching calendar in October/November. This means I know the congregation are getting a balanced diet of scripture from […]

a diet of preaching – simon mcleay

I’ve just finished preaching through Ezekiel, what a fascinating book to take a journey through. We did it in six weeks, so honestly it was a once over lightly. However, how many preachers would tackle this book today? I suspect that many of us avoid these great tomes because they just seem too difficult to […]

adding and subtracting from a preaching plan? – robyn mellar-smith

After five years as the main preacher in a church community, it was interesting recently to go back over those five years and map the different genres of Scripture I had preached from. I read this idea in “One Year to Better Preaching: 52 Exercises to Hone Your Skills” by Daniel Overdorf. In Week Two, […]

crazy busy – stu crossan

The first book that I read in 2014 was “Finding Sanctuary” written by a Benedictine Abbot (an Aussie in England) called Christopher Jamison that explores the growing clamour in Western society to find some form of quiet space in this age of hyper connectivity and information overload. The second book I have just begun is […]

robyn mellar-smith – how then shall we plan?

Around this time of year I start to give serious thought to a preaching plan for next year. I am the sole pastor of a medium sized Baptist church who is responsible for the preaching slot on Sunday morning. This means that I either preach myself (around 3 weeks out of 5 this year) or […]

thalia kehoe rowden: does anyone else want a turn?

The most controversial thing about my preaching, as far as my lovely congregation at West is concerned, isn’t that I mention chocolate or facebook in most sermons or that I’m too short for the pulpit, but how often I preach. Or don’t. Some background: I’m the pastor at West Baptist Church in New Plymouth, a […]

thalia kehoe rowden: all the lonely preachers – where do they all belong?

The favourite game of Paul Windsor’s preaching students at Carey Baptist College was to casually mention in Paul’s hearing how helpful we’d found for downloading last Sunday’s sermon. Now, Paul is a man with a twinkle in his eye, but his expansive sense of humour doesn’t stretch to the thought of anyone preaching a […]

sarah harris: in pursuit of a lived experience

It is said that preachers have one passion – one overarching theme that all sermons lead to – mine is the connection between the text and cheap nba jerseys experience.  Now the whole experience thing is not very PC…but I decided lynne to ‘out’ myself at Protection the beginning of these kiwi-made preaching blogs…so here […]