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why should a preacher pray? – andrew butcher

. . . because a preacher before he or she expounds Scripture must first stand under it. The preacher’s authority is not given virtue of the act of preaching, but by the authority of Scripture. . . . because a preacher, high up – perhaps physically, perhaps in the mind of the congregation, perhaps in […]

a puritan, a prayer and a preacher – thalia kehoe rowden

How much has the task of preaching changed in four hundred years, do you think? In my last year of training for pastoral ministry at Carey Baptist College I did a bit of guest preaching in different churches instead of a normal church placement. When I preached at Roskill Baptist, the minister there kindly shared […]

thalia kehoe rowden: does preaching count?

Can preaching be a spiritual discipline that helps our growth as much as our congregations’? Sure – this has been a theme of recent posts from John and George. Is it enough, or do I also have to do my own separate Bible study to be well-nourished? Now that’s a different question. When I was […]

george wieland: how does a preacher pray

There are times in the course of preparing a sermon or shortly before preaching when I find it hard gather my thoughts to pray. Ideas are buzzing, anxieties are clamoring for attention and my head’s like a Kolkata roundabout. At such times I’m grateful that Jesus’ first set of inadequate servants asked him to teach […]

rewai te kahu: word becoming flesh in 2010

I love the opening chapter of the Gospel of John; it lays the foundation for the rest of the Gospel. But the theme that really gets me today is the image of ‘the Word became flesh’. Let me explain. I have been actively involved with the Christian Church for twenty two years. It has been […]