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george wieland: how does a preacher pray

There are times in the course of preparing a sermon or shortly before preaching when I find it hard gather my thoughts to pray. Ideas are buzzing, anxieties are clamoring for attention and my head’s like a Kolkata roundabout. At such times I’m grateful that Jesus’ first set of inadequate servants asked him to teach […]

reuben munn: tempted to moralise

One of the challenges in preaching I’ve been wrestling with over the last year or so is how to prevent my sermons drifting toward moralism. Last year I preached through the book of Joshua and the year before that, Mark. In both cases I was struck by how tempting it was to allow the text […]

thalia kehoe rowden: all the lonely preachers – where do they all belong?

The favourite game of Paul Windsor’s preaching students at Carey Baptist College was to casually mention in Paul’s hearing how helpful we’d found for downloading last Sunday’s sermon. Now, Paul is a man with a twinkle in his eye, but his expansive sense of humour doesn’t stretch to the thought of anyone preaching a […]

george wieland: listening and speaking

I like to be well prepared before I preach, to have arrived at a clear grasp of the message I hope to communicate, to have dealt in my own mind with Biblical, theological and practical issues, to have crystallised key ideas in effective phrases or headings. This diminishes the anxiety that I feel as I […]