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what’s your one sermon – rhett snell

I’d been an associate pastor for nearly 5 years, and I was on the cusp of heading off to be the sole pastor of a church. The thing I was most excited about was getting to preach more regularly, to finally be let loose to plan out a preaching year myself. Just before I left, […]

essentials of preaching – john tucker

  In my role teaching preaching at Carey I often find myself discussing questions like: What are the essential ingredients of effective preaching? What are the fundamental qualities of a good preacher? I had the opportunity a while back to discuss these questions with a dozen or so committed and effective preachers – the Carey […]

laura giddey – a first for everything

Last month was a month of ‘firsts’. I began my first full time job and worked my first full time week. I received my first full time pay-check and got into my first habit of getting up on time. And I preached my first sermon in this new job at the weekly youth gathering that […]

karen spoelstra: the questions to ask

As a lay preacher every sermon I preach is normally to a different congregation, a congregation about which I know very little. So getting a decent briefing is pretty important to me. The most thorough I’ve ever received was when I was asked to preach on the “Songs of Songs” as part of a series […]

robyn mellar-smith: preaching across the stages

Over a recent couple of weeks of summer holiday, I spoke to three people close to me who have been Christ-followers as long or longer than me, but who are now questioning their faith and unsure of the “whole church thing.” Two out of the three still go to church, but sit through the sermon […]