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robyn mellar-smith

robyn mellar-smith – how then shall we plan?

Around this time of year I start to give serious thought to a preaching plan for next year. I am the sole pastor of a medium sized Baptist church who is responsible for the preaching slot on Sunday morning. This means that I either preach myself (around 3 weeks out of 5 this year) or […]

robyn mellar-smith – what does a bowl of jaffas have to do with it?

One of the things that has given me great joy as a pastor is mentoring our youth leaders in preaching. I meet monthly for lunch with our 4 youth leaders aged 17-23, and last year thought that maybe I would add value to our sessions by teaching them to preach. We started off by looking […]

robyn mellar-smith: when it doesn’t write right

A little while ago, I was preaching through a series in the book of Psalms. I decided to speak on Psalm 73 because it is one of my favourites and because it typifies ‘reorientation’ as I understand it (from the Brueggemann typology). I was looking forward to getting into this psalm a bit deeper & […]

robyn mellar-smith: preaching across the stages

Over a recent couple of weeks of summer holiday, I spoke to three people close to me who have been Christ-followers as long or longer than me, but who are now questioning their faith and unsure of the “whole church thing.” Two out of the three still go to church, but sit through the sermon […]