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the information age – andrew butcher

How much of what we preach should we be informing people? How much should we be inspiring them? How much comfort should we offer? How often should we challenge? Increasingly I am of the view that information is a good place to start. There will be some in the congregation who imbibed Scripture and the […]

a diet of preaching – simon mcleay

I’ve just finished preaching through Ezekiel, what a fascinating book to take a journey through. We did it in six weeks, so honestly it was a once over lightly. However, how many preachers would tackle this book today? I suspect that many of us avoid these great tomes because they just seem too difficult to […]

help! I have to preach an entire book of the bible . . . in one sermon! – miriam bier

  In a recent post, Robyn Mellar-Smith wrote about preaching through a whole book of the Bible over a number of weeks ( But what about preaching a whole book in one sermon? This is the challenge taken up by one of my local congregations. Over the coming weeks and months, they’re going to be […]

when it’s never enough – robyn mellar-smith

As the main preacher of a church community, one of my favourite things to do is to preach through a book of the Bible. You never know what is going to come up and I think that working through a whole book is the “steak” of the preaching year, particularly for those members of the […]

miriam bier – texts in conversation

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about going along to an Anglican church this year is knowing that in every service, every week, we’ll hear from the breadth of Scripture before anyone even gets up to preach. There’s always a Psalm, an Old Testament reading, an epistle, and then the capstone, a Gospel reading. Every […]

george wieland – what do they hear when you don’t say anything?

As I understand and try to practice it, preaching the Bible involves trying to hear from God through scripture for others, and to communicate to those others what I believe I am hearing. It is part of my responsibility to try to know and understand as far as is possible the people to whom I […]

miriam bier – handle with care

I believe in biblical preaching. I believe, I think, in biblical preaching from the entire Bible. I believe that God can, and does, in some mysterious manner, Speak through Scripture and its faithful exposition. And yet, there is all sorts of muck in there that – perhaps appropriately? – seldom rates a mention in weekly […]

brad carr: all scripture is useful . . . really?

One of the things I noticed growing up in the church, and have continued to notice ever since, is the tendency of many pastors / churches / leaders to have a “canon within the canon.” What I mean is that we tend to hug the parts of the Bible that we are more familiar with, […]

rod thompson: the humour of a tumour?

1 Samuel 5 is meant to be funny – at least some of the time.   Quietly lying in the ark-box, Yahweh is seemingly sleeping (or dead). Israel is seriously questioning. And Philistine warriors and children are scratching, covered as they are in scabby “tumors” (the root word is “to swell”.) Perhaps these are anal […]

reuben munn: tempted to moralise

One of the challenges in preaching I’ve been wrestling with over the last year or so is how to prevent my sermons drifting toward moralism. Last year I preached through the book of Joshua and the year before that, Mark. In both cases I was struck by how tempting it was to allow the text […]