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sean du toit

sean du toit – serving your community

Through a series of circumstances, my wife and I have had the privilege of joining a newly established community of faith. Throughout this process, a key question is: “How much does the community itself affect the content, style and type of preaching in that community?” This is the question that has plagued me over the […]

sean du toit: do you mean it?

Over the years I’ve heard hundreds of sermons – some good, some not so good, and some even on their way to becoming great. But the one thing which distresses me is listening to a ‘gutless’ sermon.  What do I mean? A ‘gutless’ sermon is one that is calculated in every turn, precise in every detail, […]

sean du toit: is the bible always necessary?

I love expository preaching.  It’s what I feel most comfortable doing. I am not competent enough in other ways of preaching, although at times I do try – always repenting afterwards.  I don’t trust my organizational and creative skills for fear that I may supply the message with my particular selection and at worse prove unfaithful […]

sean du toit: implication vs. application?

Due to my own contexts which are so varied (I regularly engage with Kiwi’s, Pacific Islander’s, South Africans, Koreans, and others), I struggle to specifically apply a passage of Scripture.  Our lives are all so different, and the applications will be varied depending on the lives we encounter, and the situations we encounter them in.  This does […]