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a pandemic preacher (part 2) – geoff new

In this second reflection on the life of Gregory the Great (c.a. 540 – 604), we consider some of the messages from his preaching ministry for us in the 21st century. “This is my unchanging conviction in changing circumstances” The circumstances that forced Gregory into new ministry spaces and the inner conflict he experienced because […]

a pandemic preacher (part 1) – geoff new

COVID-19 has forced people into isolation and lockdown with little notice. Suddenly the nature of Christian ministry has changed. Much of what is usually done face-to-face, such as pastoral care and preaching, now needs to be conducted at a distance. What is the impact on the preacher and preaching at a time like this? With […]

john the baptist’s covid-19 call to you – geoff new

Mark 1:1-4 1The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, 2 as it is written in Isaiah the prophet: “I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way”— 3 “a voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight […]

a sermon listener talks to sermon speakers

Tell us a bit about yourself and how long have you been a Christian? I’m a woman in my early 50s. I grew up in a Christian home and have been Christian for as long as I can remember. Sometimes (if not often!) I’ve struggled with what this means. My understanding of my relationship with […]

preaching holiness without bashing heads – andrew lim

How to Promote Biblical Virtues Without Sliding Into Moralism A few weeks back I assigned myself what would appear to be a simple enough task of preparing a sermon on holiness. I found out it wasn’t simple after all. I found myself struggling over how I may promote a biblical virtue without degenerating into a […]

preaching the bible like the new testament authors did? – jonathan robinson

In a pastors cluster I used to be part of we would take it in turns to bring some study or discussion topic to the group. Before I left the group to do some further study I used my turn to ask them about the way the New Testament (NT) interprets the Old Testament (OT) […]

lessons for hearers from 1 thessalonians – mark keown

In my last Kiwi-Made Preaching Blog, I wrote of how 1 Thess 1–2 is a wonderful resource for preachers. Through its words, Paul gives us a smorgasbord of preaching morsels. Just as the Thessalonian letters speaks to preachers, it summons us to be good hearers of the word. Indeed, we talk a lot about preaching on these […]

lessons for preachers from 1 thessalonians – mark keown

As I was teaching a course on the Thessalonian letters recently, I was struck by how 1 Thessalonians 1–2 is a veritable feast of insights for preachers. Paul and his team wrote 1 Thessalonians from Corinth within six months of the initial planting of the church. As they wrote, the preaching of the Pauline team was fresh in […]

interview with viv coleman

Viv – you have been a Presbyterian minister for decades in NZ and in later years involved in a Baptist church. You were also involved for a number of years in the assessment of candidates for vocational ministry training. What have you been doing more recently? These days I am self-employed as a ministry coach, […]

lynne baab – an interview

Tell us a bit about yourself, Lynne. I’m a late bloomer. I was ordained as a Presbyterian minister at 45 to serve a church in Seattle. (I’m an American). At 55 I earned a PhD and began a teaching career, which took me to the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of  Otago […]