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why should a preacher pray? – andrew butcher

. . . because a preacher before he or she expounds Scripture must first stand under it.

The preacher’s authority is not given virtue of the act of preaching, but by the authority of Scripture.

. . . because a preacher, high up – perhaps physically, perhaps in the mind of the congregation, perhaps in his or her own self-image – needs to be reminded of the lost and the lowly, the ill and the infirm, the depressed and the dispossessed in the congregation.

The preacher carries wounds too.

. . . because a preacher may be tempted to use clever words, amazing graphics, and song and dance as a way to appeal to his or her congregation.

The medium is a poor substitute for the message.  Scripture can be trusted to lead people to God.

. . . because a preacher may desire the praise of others, accolade and acclaim.

The glory we seek is instead in the cross of Christ.

. . . because a preacher may seek to be effective and to achieve results.

“Effectiveness” should not be mistaken for holiness and the only path to holiness is through prayer.

. . . because a preacher may be inclined to be lazy, and to rush in his or her preparation of a sermon out of habit or complacency.

Scripture and its exegesis need to be treated with the seriousness and reverence it deserves.

. . . because a preacher may be anxious, worried and overwhelmed with sorrow.

Trust the strength of God when all our strength is gone.

. . . because the preacher’s first and last act is to pray: to stand in silence before the God who speaks all things into being, to kneel in confession before the holiness of God, to worship Christ in whom we live and move and have our being, and to give thanks for God’s provision and faithfulness.

Why should a preacher pray?

. . . because the path to standing in the pulpit begins with kneeling in prayer.

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