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dale campbell: on monologue and conversation

Before I went to Carey Baptist College and began learning how much I didn’t know, I went through a season of questioning the relevance and value of preaching. I resonated with the complaints that preaching was a “monstrous monologue by a moron to mutes”. I was nearly convinced that “conversations” were better ways of discerning the voice of the Spirit (i.e. the Jerusalem Council – Acts 15), and that “monologues” created passive congregations that did not think, and silenced those that wanted to. (more…)

dale campbell: less is more

Of the two categories of kiwi preachers contributing to this blog (see the ‘contributors’ page), I am one of the younger ones with an ‘embryonic’ preaching ministry. And the embryo is growing. Here are two aspects of my preaching style which are perhaps changing the most. (more…)