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beauty on barbed wire

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  1. Captain Avis Owen says:

    The first thing that struck me was the whole ‘beauty for ashes’ thing – the change that God wrots in our lives when we allow Him to make the ‘ugly’ beautiful…..

    the 2nd thing that struck me is that no matter how ‘barbed’ or hurtful we may be to others at times, how much we shut others out of our lives or how much we may hide away from the world/build walls around ourselves, God may still use us to His purpose, even in our brokenness, even in our hurtfullness. Even in our sin, God still uses us and sometimes He uses us inspite of ourselves to bring healing, beautiful etc into others lives….

    1. Paul Windsor says:

      Great to see you hop aboard, Avis. The photo was taken at the airport in Mt Hagen in the Highlands of PNG. It was so striking to see these brightly-coloured bags hanging on the wire. I like your reflections!

      I also wanted to eb sure that you saw the details under ‘Events’ of a Fri-Sat training preachers opportunity coming to Otage and Southland. You and I have discussed this at various times. It might be helpful for your people…

      Love to the family

      1. Avis Owen says:

        Hi Paul – Seasons greetings and much love to the family!! Praying that Christmas has been a wonderful time of blessing and refreshing and that you get a chance to have precious time together before you ahead away …

        We are in the process of working on our Corps ‘events’ calender, having the draft copy finished by the 6th of jan, so very much hoping that we can come through with a couple of our emerging preachers. Take care my dears and will catch up with you all later…… hugs to all