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  1. Paul Windsor says:

    I’ve always considered the unfurling koru to be the definitive indigenous image for one of the two mandates of the church. There is mission, but there is also maturity. There is a width issue amd there is a depth issue. A frequent blindspot in the church in NZ at the moment is an industrious commitment to ‘mission’ without an equal commitment to ‘maturity’.

  2. I like the native/indigenous/natural image and an application to the church. The church should in a way be ‘indigenous’, rather than imposed, in every environment. The fern grows in well-watered places; maybe there’s something in that. Most of all I see new growth – perhaps a little green, but that’s ok! & 2Tim 2:9 “God’s word is not bound” seems relevant too, re ‘unfurling’.

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