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  1. This image, along with several others that show (hidden) animals, is one I’ve used a couple of times to illustrate that you have to believe that something is there, and even have a general idea about its shape, before you can see it. The tag-line I use is “Seeing isn’t always believing, but believing is necessary to seeing.” Scriptures are John 6.36 (and numerous other scriptures in John’s gospel – that just happens to be the point at which I last used this illustration), Heb.11.6, and any other point in the scriptures where belief is held to be necessary to understanding.

  2. That is a fantastic image, and reflection, Roger!
    I also saw this image as a kind of warning against becoming so like the world that we can’t tell the difference – against being so ‘relevant’ and ‘trendy’ that the church and the gospel lose their distinctiveness. Let us not merely ‘blend in’, but ‘stir up’, ‘provoke’, ‘transform’, etc. 🙂
    Thanks again for a great image!

    1. Cheers Dale – I haven’t been on site for a while, so didn’t know that this image was up, let alone that you’d replied.
      Yes, I like your interpretation. You could contrast it nicely with an image like this:

  3. Whoa! great contrast indeed! 🙂

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