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  1. Gotta love NZ inorganic rubbish collection! For me, this shot reminds me of our ‘cheap’ and ‘now’ culture (inseparably wedded to unrestricted capitalism). I’ve often said the same items you see in the ‘specials’ ads (i.e. warehouse, etc.) are the same items you’ll see a few months later on the curb. The phrase ‘designed for the dump’ (or ‘planned obsolesence’) comes to mind.
    Which leads me to think about how much God’s ways of ‘designing’ are! Instead of making cheap things to be purchased en masse, we are made of ‘good’ (very good!) stuff, and are not designed for the dump or simply thrown to the curb when we wear out, but we are purchased by the designer himself who re-makes us all over again!

  2. Paul Windsor says:

    Makes me think of Ecclesiastes 2 and all the things that were pursued, but left behind an emptiness.

    This scene was at the top of our neighbour’s drive. I found it to be profoundly prophetic. A naked and impossibly slim female doll face down in the dirt … a house (tell me one weekend in the last decade where the weekend newspapers do not have an article on house prices in NZ!) … and a piano, central symbol of the power of music – even obsession, at times – in our world today.

    And these three images – catching ‘the hopes and fears of all the years’ for so many today – are about to be ‘met in’ a rubbish bin! The hopes and fears of all the years can only be ‘met in Thee tonight’ says the Christmas carol…

    Ahh … and the bin is a recycling one.

  3. Joseph Collins says:

    Brilliant! 🙂

  4. Tim Warner says:

    Yes. A sad comment if ever there was one. Why are we becoming increasingly more wasteful. As stewards of this planet we, and by we I especially mean “In Christ” people, we should be avid recyclers and bringing pressure on our govts and manufacturing sector to make products that don’t find themselves in landfill.

    But thanks Dale. A good reminder of how we are fearfully and wonderfully knitted in our mum’s womb. – to cross references a little. It is sooooo good to be image bearers

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