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time for feedback – simon mcleay

Well I’ve just read another article reflecting on how strange it is in our culture that we preach and there is no feedback or interaction, so today I have decided to plot a change. I wonder whether I will still be so keen this time next week. Perhaps I could give up a little control […]

a preacher reflects on being in the lion’s den – reuben munn

Earlier this month the KiwiMade preaching forums were held around the country and I was privileged to participate as one of the preachers in Auckland. Our text was the temptations of Jesus in Luke 4, but given the occasion it may have been more appropriate for us to preach on Daniel in the lion’s den! […]

laura giddey – a first for everything

Last month was a month of ‘firsts’. I began my first full time job and worked my first full time week. I received my first full time pay-check and got into my first habit of getting up on time. And I preached my first sermon in this new job at the weekly youth gathering that […]

dale campbell: on monologue and conversation

Before I went to Carey Baptist College and began learning how much I didn’t know, I went through a season of questioning the relevance and value of preaching. I resonated with the complaints that preaching was a “monstrous monologue by a moron to mutes”. I was nearly convinced that “conversations” were better ways of discerning […]