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laura giddey

laura giddey – ps: i love preaching

Recently I preached when the youth took over our two morning services at church.  Pulling together a bunch of teenagers and leaders proved tricky but speaking back in ‘big church’ was lots of fun!  I love the setting of local church, Sunday morning and I love the style of expository, casual, relational preaching.  I enjoyed […]

laura giddey – a first for everything

Last month was a month of ‘firsts’. I began my first full time job and worked my first full time week. I received my first full time pay-check and got into my first habit of getting up on time. And I preached my first sermon in this new job at the weekly youth gathering that […]

laura giddey: preaching as performance

I have only preached once at my own church this year. I decided to take a risk and focus on my presentation and memorisation of the text. I aim to eventually move away from using full notes in the pulpit. With time on my side I had finished the written sermon with space to practice. […]

laura giddey: those silvery haired senior citizens

I am currently on summer placement in a small but well established church in a big, busy city far from home.  To set some context, each week I lead and preach at our one Sunday morning service to a group of about 40 people.  Half of these people are over the age of 70 and […]