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paul davison

paul davison – the encouragement of old sermons

Back in May, John Tucker talked about sub-Christian Sermons. This was his opening shot: Do you ever go to your sermon file looking for an old message to rework and preach again?  My experience is that it can be a little depressing.  Invariably, I come across some old manuscript and think to myself, ‘Did I […]

paul davison: the pike river remembrance service

I can’t remember the last time a sermon by a kiwi for kiwis made its way on to the national stage –but that’s what happened at the Pike River Remembrance service. Surely a daunting challenge and at the same time a unique opportunity. Daunting, because the sermon was broadcast live around New Zealand; the presence […]

paul davison: do hard things

Preaching is a ministry of the word of God that should teach, rebuke, correct and train in righteousness. Under the pressure to be “relevant” do we neglect parts of the Bible that seem hard or obscure for 21st C Westerners? How many times have our congregations heard sermons from the first five books of the […]

paul davison: applications – faithful, focused and fresh?

I know I haven’t worked hard enough on my passage/sermon when the applications I want to make are: “Read your Bible, pray more, go to church and give money”. It seems that these actions can often be the practical implication of nearly any and every passage in the Bible. Or can they?