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preaching, pastoral care, and spiritual practices – lynne baab

Last year I was asked to write a book on pastoral care. What an honour! I’ve written many books, but I had never before been asked to write one. That book has recently been published by Fortress Press, with the title Nurturing Hope: Christian Pastoral Care in the Twenty-First Century. As I thought about what […]

lifting our eyes – sarah harris

In a New Testament Introductory course, we recently looked at Phil 1:3-11 – Paul’s prayer for the ekklesia. As we considered Paul’s language and ideas we noticed him shift the believer’s eyes beyond their present challenges to the eschaton where they will stand complete (v.6), and be pure and blameless (v.10), having produced a harvest […]

praying for your sermon – lynne baab

What does it look like to pray effectively as a part of sermon preparation? What kinds of things do I typically pray for? What possibilities am I missing in my prayers before preaching? I’ve been pondering these questions recently, and I noticed several different patterns of prayer for my sermons. Perhaps reading about these patterns […]

waiting well: a spiritual discipline – rod thompson

Learning to wait and learning to wait well is a spiritual discipline. It is also something that is radically counter-cultural in our current times and places. Someone has said that a key word in current society is “dissatisfied”. We are encouraged, hundreds of times every day, to want more and more and more; and not […]

what you pray for is what you will preach for – george wieland

Preaching drives me to prayer. Much of it, I have to admit, is for myself: I need discernment, understanding, and a sense of what is the message that I should be bringing; perhaps my mind is churning and I need help in forming thoughts and capturing key points; because preaching has to be done alongside […]

what happens before/after the sermon? – andrea mcdougall

“Lord, our God, you know who we are: People with good and bad consciences; satisfied and dissatisfied, sure and unsure people; Christians out of convictions and Christians out of habit; believers, half-believers, and unbelievers. You know where we come from, from our circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances, or from great loneliness… But now we […]

the praying preacher’s preaching prayer – andy shudall

  Oh God, this text, this gift you give, Is mine to mine and open wide, Explain, explore, illuminate, apply: Share life-giving breath.   Oh Father, whose very Word, Enshrined in flesh, enfleshed to live, To die, to rise and so to save and reign: Find solidity in me just now.   Oh Son, whose […]

how much should I pray for my sermon? – robyn mellar-smith

When I was training for ministry at Carey Baptist College a few years ago, one of our lecturers challenged us to consider spending as much time in prayer for our sermon as writing the sermon. That’s quite a challenge! For starters, for most ministers, there doesn’t appear to be enough hours in the week to […]

the prayerlessness mess – greg liston

Time for some honesty. The amount of prayer I put into my preaching falls well short of what I would like. It’s not that I don’t believe in the power of prayer. It’s not that I haven’t seen the difference it makes in the depth and delivery of my sermons. It’s not that I don’t […]

the prayers preachers pray: turning stones into bread – tony plews

A prayer I pray often in the preparation, and/or before delivery [sometimes my public prayer at the beginning of my sermon], of sermons is: “Lord, please take the stones of my words, and transform them by your Spirit into living bread, which will feed the hearts, minds and whole lives of all those who listen […]