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praying for your sermon – lynne baab

What does it look like to pray effectively as a part of sermon preparation? What kinds of things do I typically pray for? What possibilities am I missing in my prayers before preaching? I’ve been pondering these questions recently, and I noticed several different patterns of prayer for my sermons. Perhaps reading about these patterns […]

custodians of the word: kaitiaki and kupu – viv coleman

(This first appeared on Viv’s blog in early March 2017) The summer holidays are a chance to worship away from home and experience a different congregational culture and worship style. This year the services we attended offered a smorgasbord of worship and preaching, and the chance to meet some genuine and friendly people. But the […]

plan to be spontaneous? – jonathan robinson

I have always had a preaching plan. In theory I have also always had the flexibility to be flexible about the plan if something comes up or the Lord leads me differently. I plan the next year’s preaching calendar in October/November. This means I know the congregation are getting a balanced diet of scripture from […]

the challenge of beginning a sermon – lynne baab

I’m working on a sermon focused on the Apostle Paul’s prayer in Colossians 1. My sermon is part of a sermon series on the connections between prayer and mission. I chose Paul’s prayer because I think it shows the upward spiral of the Christian life when we pursue knowledge of God coupled with obedience in […]

the right question? – travis black

  My office gets way too crowded when I write a sermon… I’ve done the study of a text and begin to craft the rough draft of a sermon, when I get the first knock. First, it is my former professor of exegesis. He exclaims, “Have you made sure you have really listened to the […]

crazy busy – stu crossan

The first book that I read in 2014 was “Finding Sanctuary” written by a Benedictine Abbot (an Aussie in England) called Christopher Jamison that explores the growing clamour in Western society to find some form of quiet space in this age of hyper connectivity and information overload. The second book I have just begun is […]

help! I have to preach an entire book of the bible . . . in one sermon! – miriam bier

  In a recent post, Robyn Mellar-Smith wrote about preaching through a whole book of the Bible over a number of weeks ( But what about preaching a whole book in one sermon? This is the challenge taken up by one of my local congregations. Over the coming weeks and months, they’re going to be […]

brett jones – preparation: prepared and revealed

The dichotomy between careful preparation and spontaneous delivery in preaching has consumed many a congregation as they pursue authentic revelation. For some, the discipline and detail of extended preparation offers due recognition to the great responsibility of preaching.  Other times it has seemed that the voices promoting the spontaneity of the Spirit’s inspiration have been […]

robyn mellar-smith: when it doesn’t write right

A little while ago, I was preaching through a series in the book of Psalms. I decided to speak on Psalm 73 because it is one of my favourites and because it typifies ‘reorientation’ as I understand it (from the Brueggemann typology). I was looking forward to getting into this psalm a bit deeper & […]

thalia kehoe rowden: does preaching count?

Can preaching be a spiritual discipline that helps our growth as much as our congregations’? Sure – this has been a theme of recent posts from John and George. Is it enough, or do I also have to do my own separate Bible study to be well-nourished? Now that’s a different question. When I was […]