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what’s the story? – andy shudall

I don’t like the bible, oh no . . . Let’s preach the Bible, big, mouthfuls of body building, stamina inducing, breath taking chunks. Let’s climb steep heights of dizzying proportions and challenging ascents of tricky terrain. Let’s take whole books and whole testaments and even the whole thing in single bite sermons. Let’s preach […]

what we might be missing in our preaching – geoff new

(A version of this blog first appeared on Candour) Allow me several lead-ins to the one topic. I am still collecting my thoughts on the subject and so to help clarify my thoughts, I need to meander through some doorways. The first is from Jeremiah 4:16: This is what the Lord says: ‘Stand at the […]

the challenges of preaching narrative – sarah harris

I became fascinated at the way narrative was constructed sitting in my fifth and sixth form English classes; I had teachers who were outstanding. I still remember the excitement of tracing the motifs of light and dark – day and night – in William Goldings, Lord of the Flies, for myself. I started to appreciate […]

should we be using greek and hebrew in our sermons? – jonathan robinson

Teacher of preaching Paul Windsor, founder of this blog, is remembered by many of his students as opining, “Your knowledge of Hebrew and Greek should be like your underwear, important for support but shouldn’t be shown off in public!” It is a pithy adage and I think an important warning to two types of preachers, […]

engaging the text in preaching – mark keown

In my experience in the church and with fresh students to Laidlaw College, in the main, Christians today are not engaging sufficiently with the text of Scripture. So, I consider one of my primary tasks as a preacher today is to get them to do so; at least for the 20-30 minutes I have opportunity […]

the chronic fatigue syndrome of preaching in nz – andy shudall

There’s is a chronic fatigue syndrome in our churches and it is laying people low. Its symptoms are many and its impact is systemically evidenced. It is found behind our lecterns, pulpits and music stands. Preachers are tired – chronically tired – of preaching God’s Word. We download sermon outlines, pass off googled illustrations as […]

can every preacher preach every passage? – sarah harris

I am currently writing an article on the bleeding women story from Luke’s Gospel and it has got me thinking about whether a man can really preach this passage and do the story justice. In the last two years I have lived the story of the bleeding woman – woman can probably imagine what that […]

the wonderful world of logos – mark keown

I am not a salesman for Logos Software, but it has changed my life. You see, I am a bibliophiliac, I am in love with the Bible. I am a lecturer in New Testament (NT) because of this. When I became a disciple of Jesus at age 24, inspired by Open Air Campaign (OAC) evangelists […]

preaching Jesus in every sermon – andy shudall

How do I preach Jesus from this passage? How can I bring Him clearly into it without forcing Him in? Must I always get to Jesus? In talking through and training others in preaching from the Old Testament these are the questions most often posed. The starting point is wrong. The foundational assumptions underlying such […]

the information age – andrew butcher

How much of what we preach should we be informing people? How much should we be inspiring them? How much comfort should we offer? How often should we challenge? Increasingly I am of the view that information is a good place to start. There will be some in the congregation who imbibed Scripture and the […]