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steve taylor

steve taylor – feeling the emotional weight of texts

Last week I provided the opening night input for a citywide lay training event. The topic was God at earth. What does it mean to follow a God who in Jesus is real, local and grounded? In preparation I began to reflect on the feelings of Jesus: Jesus who feels sorrow in the Garden of […]

steve taylor: too blunt? the mirror held by early church preaching

Is the phrase “Biblical preaching” simply too blunt? I began to wonder this as I gazed into the preaching mirror held by the early church.With over forty years of missionary service in Africa, David Dunn-Wilson has made a study of the sermons of the early church. In his book, A Mirror for the Church (Eerdmans, […]

steve taylor: stories can be a sermon’s best friend

They make great introductions, serving to capture attention, orientating people from their world to the world of the Biblical text. They can aid application, serving to illustrate exegetical material or embody the gospel in life today. They can provide a way to engage the Bible, amplifying plot and character in the narrative genre’s of the […]