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what’s the story? – andy shudall

I don’t like the bible, oh no . . . Let’s preach the Bible, big, mouthfuls of body building, stamina inducing, breath taking chunks. Let’s climb steep heights of dizzying proportions and challenging ascents of tricky terrain. Let’s take whole books and whole testaments and even the whole thing in single bite sermons. Let’s preach […]

the challenges of preaching narrative – sarah harris

I became fascinated at the way narrative was constructed sitting in my fifth and sixth form English classes; I had teachers who were outstanding. I still remember the excitement of tracing the motifs of light and dark – day and night – in William Goldings, Lord of the Flies, for myself. I started to appreciate […]

preaching like shrek – brett jones

It’s a question for the ages: how do we do preaching in a way that is engaging across the age groups? In our context, we do OK with 2 of the more challenging demographics – youth and younger adults.  But we began asking questions about how we could do a better job engaging with children […]

the challenge of beginning a sermon – lynne baab

I’m working on a sermon focused on the Apostle Paul’s prayer in Colossians 1. My sermon is part of a sermon series on the connections between prayer and mission. I chose Paul’s prayer because I think it shows the upward spiral of the Christian life when we pursue knowledge of God coupled with obedience in […]

adding to or subtracting from the gospel through our stories – lynne baab

Sociologist Nancy Ammerman did some interesting research recently, recounted in her 2013 book Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes. She found that the people who demonstrate the greatest commitment to their faith or religion are the people who talk easily and frequently about the overlap between their faith/religion and their daily life. Ammerman has seen evidence that […]

rod thompson – living in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation

Miroslav Volf contends that God’s people in current times and places must choose to live “against the tide” – a tide characterised by the inner pull toward self-absorption and away from care for others, impelled by what he calls a “culture stripped of grace” (Volf, Against the Tide (Eerdmans, 2010) xi-xii).  In different ways, in […]

greg liston – the view from the pew

It’s been about 6 months now since I stepped down from being the Senior Pastor at HBC. Six months of listening to sermons instead of preaching them. The view from the pew is not like the view from the pulpit – you see things differently from down here. And this different perspective has made me […]

steve taylor: stories can be a sermon’s best friend

They make great introductions, serving to capture attention, orientating people from their world to the world of the Biblical text. They can aid application, serving to illustrate exegetical material or embody the gospel in life today. They can provide a way to engage the Bible, amplifying plot and character in the narrative genre’s of the […]