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preaching and praying in poetry and prose – andrew butcher

I like using other people’s words when I preach. I don’t mean that I plagiarise sermons from (if there is such a site!). Rather, I find the poems of Joy Cowley or James K. Baxter or the prayers of Karl Barth or John Calvin to be a wonderful addition to what Scripture says and […]

tim harris: re-claiming the main event

We should all be concerned at the surveys reflecting the diminishing place bible reading has in people’s lives—Bible-affirming evangelicals included. My reflection here is the extent to which we may be inadvertently contributing to this by our focus on preaching as the ‘main event’ in the church gathering. Let me jump into my main contention […]

john catmur: come and watch me burn

Spirituality might well be a frequent topic of conversation today – but when it comes to the preacher, it is one of the hardest issues to master. How significant is the state of the preacher’s walk with God when it comes to measuring the impact of their sermons? This issue isn’t discussed much because it […]

rewai te kahu: word becoming flesh in 2010

I love the opening chapter of the Gospel of John; it lays the foundation for the rest of the Gospel. But the theme that really gets me today is the image of ‘the Word became flesh’. Let me explain. I have been actively involved with the Christian Church for twenty two years. It has been […]

myk habets: preaching the husk, discarding the kernel

We are all familiar, no doubt, with the well worn adage that there are ‘many sermons in search of a text’. This expresses the idea that many sermons are well constructed, have well chosen illustrations, apt applications, and well crafted affective impact – but they lack any explicit exposition of a biblical text. It is […]